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Why is Dr. Oram Unique

Visiting Dr. Oram for naturopathic services means personal, individualized care.  How do these things make Dr. Oram’s practice unique?

  • More time for patients. Dr. Oram simply spends more time with her patients. First-time visits are 1-2-hour consultations, and people are often shocked when they hear that. They ask, “What do you do?” She talks to her patients, listens to them. She wants to hear their background, find out their circumstances, find out who they are. Getting to know the person is very important in that process, and that takes time.
  • Personable and trustworthy. Patients often tell Dr. Oram that she is personable and easy to talk to. They feel comfortable with her, as their doctor and confidante. Many patients say they return to Dr. Oram because she is professional, yet is also warm and caring. She focuses on creating relationships with people, understanding them and being truly empathetic.